TGLB Timers

TGC Delay on Make  Relay Timer 10-30 Amps

Timing Mode | Interval On

Category | Timer with Relay

Series | TGLB

TGLB series Cube Relay Interval On timers are a unique combination of digital CMOS timing circuitry with a relay output in a compact 2" x 2"configuration.

These units provide the same functional performance as plug-in relay timers, but at significant cost savings.

The relay common is connected to (+) or hot.

Timing Mode

Application of input voltage to the timer energizes the load and starts the time delay. At the end of the time delay, the load is de-energized. Removal and re-application of input voltage resets the timer.

Cube Relay, 10-30 Amps, Timer with Relay Output
  • High current-carrying capacity up to 20 amps
  • Transient protected
  • 100% Load isolation
  • No leakage in N.O. position
  • No heat sinking required
  • Available in any time delay period required
  • Digital CMOS timing
  • No minimum load required
  • Totally encapsulated for protection from harsh environments
  • 100% Operational testing before shipping
  • RoHS compliance available
Solid State DC Voltage
  • Input Voltage
    VDC: 12, 24 or 48
    VAC: 24, 48, 120 or 230, 50/60Hz
  • Time Delay
    Timing Mode: Interval On
    Type: Digital CMOS
    Time Range: 0.1 second to 24 hours
    Time Adjustments: Factory-fixed time period; variable, with adjustments on timer, or terminals for external resistor or potentiometer
  • Repeatability
  • Setting Accuracy
    Fixed time period: ±10% of nominal time
    Variable time range: +15% -5% max. time, -10% min. time
  • Reset/Recycle Time
    25 milliseconds
  • Initiate Time
    6 milliseconds or less
  • Relay Life Expectancy
    Mechanical: 20 million operations
    Electrical: 100,000 operations
  • Protection
    Polarity Protection: All DC units have reverse polarity protection
    Transient Protection: 18 joules
    Dielectric Strength: 1800V RMS 60Hz
  • Temperature Ranges:
    Storage: -40°C to +85°C
    Operating: -25°C to +65°C
  • Physical Data
    Mounting: Surface with one #8 screw
    Connection & Termination: 0.25" quick connects