Timers: The Pulse of Your Product

TH Series Solid State Timers

TH Series timers provide digital timing, flasher controls, percentage timers, HVAC controls and many more. Labor-saving, easy installation reduces assembly time and improves cost-efficiency.

Typical Solid State Timer features include:
  • Offers all timing functions
  • Wide range of input voltages available: 12–48VDC, 24-277VAC or customer-specified
  • Any time range available, fixed or adjustable
  • Integral or external time adjustment methods with factory-fixed or variable parameters
  • Encapsulated circuitry
  • No heat sinking required

Specialty Timers include:

TB Series Miniature Solid State Timers
Factory-fixed or adjustable time, 8-40VDC in compact 1 5/8” square.